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Double Ear Hose Clamps (TEC Series)

Item Code: TEC

The Tridon TEC series clamp range provides a simple, economical solution for many difficult tightening and sealing problems. The double ear design allows for quick and easy installation, the clamp is passed over the material that is to be mounted, to tighten; the ears on either side of the clamp are squeezed together.

Manufactured using carbon steel zinc plated, the TEC series clamps are ideally suited for use on compressed air, gas and liquid lines. Pincing pliers SPC-1 & FCP-1 can be used to ensure correct installation.

Product codes and sizes:

Code: TEC46-20          Size: 4-6mm
Code: TEC57-20          Size: 5-7mm
Code: TEC79-20          Size: 7-9mm
Code: TEC911-20         Size: 9-11mm
Code: TEC113-20         Size: 11-13mm
Code: TEC1315-20       Size: 13-15mm
Code: TEC1517-20       Size: 15-17mm
Code: TEC1518-20       Size: 15-18mm
Code: TEC1720-20       Size: 17-20mm
Code: TEC2023-20       Size: 20-23mm
Code: TEC2225-20       Size: 22-25mm
Code: TEC2325-20       Size: 23-25mm
Code: TEC2528-20       Size: 25-28mm
Code: TEC2831-20       Size: 28-31mm
Code: TEC3134-20       Size: 31-34mm
Code: TEC3437-20       Size: 34-37mm
Code: TEC3740-20       Size: 37-40mm
Code: TEC4043-20       Size: 40-43mm
Code: TEC4346-20       Size: 43-46mm

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