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Perforated Band Hose Clamps

Item Code: MH

The Tridon MH/HS part stainless perforated band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability.

Manufactured in Australia to SAE J1508 standards, the flexible stainless steel perforated band combined with the zinc plated carbon steel screw deliver low free torque for ease of installation and high strength for reliable high quality sealing.

  • MH (Micro Clamp)
  • Band: 301 Stainless Steel (8.0mm wide)
  • Housing: Carbon Steel Zinc Plated
  • Screw: Carbon Steel Zinc Plated (6mm slotted hex head)

Product codes and sizes:

Code: MH004P  Size: 6-16mm
Code: MH005P  Size: 11-18mm
Code: MH006P  Size: 11-22mm
Code: MH008P  Size: 13-25mm
Code: MH010P  Size: 14-27mm
Code: MH012P  Size: 17-32mm
Code: MH016P  Size: 18-38mm
Code: MH020P  Size: 22-45mm
Code: MH024P  Size: 33-51mm
Code: MH028P  Size: 40-57mm
Code: MH032P  Size: 46-64mm
Code: MH036P  Size: 52-70mm
Code: MH040P  Size: 59-76mm
Code: MH048P  Size: 65-89mm
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