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Bias Ply Patches

Item Code: VD-01 to VD-10L

VD Patches  (Vipal Diagonal)

VD patches are used for repairing tread and shoulder injuries and are built to match  the grain of a bias ply tyre´s casing plies.

VDL Patches (Lateral Ply)

VDL patches are built to match the grain of a bias ply tyre´s casing plies.  Used for repairing tyre sidewalls, the pattern on these patches match the bead´s circumference radius.

Its construction guarantees light weight, higher resistance and flexibility.

Available in multiple sizes and variations.

Please refer to chart below for product codes and specifications.

Code Ply Size (mm) Type
VD-01 2 60 Round
VD-02 2 80 Round
VD-03 2 100 Diagonal
VD-04 2 130 Diagonal
VD-05 4 165 Diagonal
VD-05L 4 165 Sidewall
VD-06 6 240 Diagonal
VD-06L 6 240 Sidewall
VD-07 6 295 Diagonal
VD-07L 6 295 Sidewall
VD-08 8 345 Diagonal
VD-08L 8 345 Sidewall
VD-09 8 390 Diagonal
VD-09L 8 390 Sidewall
VD-10 8 455 Diagonal
VD-10L 8 455 Sidewall
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